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CriminalJusticeDegreeOnline.net identifies the best universities offering a criminal justice program you can take online. The site is simple: You'll find our takes on programs we recommend and also those we recommend you avoid. All the highlighted programs are from accredited universities and designed for all types of students, including working adults (like current police officers) and those looking to enter a new field. In fact, if you're curious, we made sure to cover the most common jobs for graduates in our career report as well.

Discovering great programs was one goal, but showing you our review process was also important. As the site got off the ground, one thing we all noticed was the absence of meaningful rankings found on other websites (just Google “best criminal justice degree”). Sometimes you couldn't tell why they thought one program was better than another. That's why we've outlined our entire methodology on a separate page for you to follow along and understand. We've even offered advice on contacting departments to figure out which of our recommendations is the best match for your student profile.

For 2014, the focus was on finding the top bachelor's programs, and after reviewing over 100 departments, our top performing favorite was Washington State University. You can read more about WSU and the other three top performing programs here.

The team behind this site

Kyle Dunning

Kyle Dunning

Site Manager

Kyle directed the creation of CriminalJusticeDegreeOnline.net. Although not a graduate of any criminal justice program (he was an English major), Kyle has been reviewing online schools for five years and always wanted to learn about this degree. He was responsible for collecting the data for every online program, sorting through the program attributes, and contacting every department to talk to professors. When all was said and done, he took this knowledge and turned it into what you now are reading: the four best criminal justice programs and everything he learned along the way.


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